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show you what we are creating, as images or concept, day by day. Our works are avaible in the menu (up left).
Don't hesitate to contact us for any informations, project propositions, questions, ...
We will update this blog to keep you tuned about our project.

19 January 2010

Droogdok'in_ progress

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Hello hello everyone!

This time, we show you a work in progress.
We're waiting for the printing.

We've designed the layout and maps for a study of the Antwerp Haven history, in particular a place at the city north; Eilandje.
More on that later.

13 January 2010

7-posts-a-week' week

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Hello everybody!

It's been a while since we took the time to update our blog and works.

So, to begin the year 2010 we will perform a "7-posts-a-week" week!

We've been pretty busy in 2009, we have learned basic book binding for our artist friend, Aude Virgo, and participated with her to an art book fair in Brussels.
We've helped "Bruits asbl" to design their website and newsletter.
Last september we've took part in an art fair in Wallonia.
Lately we've been designing a new book layout for Tetras Lyre.
And we are working on the second one.

Shall I declare the "7-posts-a-week" week open?
Yes, I will!

Here's some pictures of our new book layout.

For those who don't know Tetras Lyre, it's a poetry book publisher, most of their books are in French but some are bilingual.
This book below, the first book we've designed for Tetras Lyre, was written by André Romus.

01 January 2010

Young Graphic Designer
wish you a ...

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